” Every Child is Unique and born with Inbuilt skills, destined for greatness and a Genius in his own way. Unleash Their potential and path to greatness, Give them the Brainy Advantage with our brain development program.”

” Every Child is Unique and born with Inbuilt skills, destined for greatness and a Genius in his own way. Unleash Their potential and path to greatness, Give them the Brainy Advantage with our brain development program.”


We are the innovators in human brain development. Our continual and ongoing research into human brain development and our innovative learning techniques coupled with ground breaking research based programme has given us a strong foothold in the education sectors since our inception in 1999.

We believe that the potential of human brain is beyond our imagination.

Dear Parents

As a parent, you are the engineer of many of your child’s learning experiences. Taking the time to chose the right programme for your child is much more important than sending him for many after school activities and gaining negligible short term benefits from them. Our brain power education programmes thoroughly researched and deeply rooted in the knowledge that each child is unique; and we at Brain Child Learning help you discover your child’s unique potential.

Most parents want the best education for their children. Education that is not limited to classroom learning. Brain Child Learning programmes transform children into lifelong learners. We build confident students and active learners who studybetter and score higher.

Our Brain Development Programmes

You probably think that not everyone can be a genius but we know that within every person is a genius. We will help you to discover and unleash that genius with our programmes.

What our Happy Parents Say


    If I talk about Harivansh, we have tried to work on his anger. Earlier, he had frequent outbursts even on petty things. I feel happy to say after “Brainy” program his anger outburstshave reduced. Harivansh listens to us and hasstarted accepting our suggestions. He has become more obedient and understanding. He is now interested in music and sports and his concentration has also increased.

    Mr. Manivannan & Mrs. Archana Manivannan

    Mr. Manivannan & Mrs. Archana Manivannan
  • Improve concentration & memory power

    We get amazed to see the improvements in Aayushi’s performance after the “Brainy” program. We see a complete transformation in her personality. There is an increase in her self confidence than before and her memory power got enhanced. Now, she retains the learned material for a long period. Alongside her concentration has also been increased. Because of all these positive changes, her academic results have also improved. Previously, she used to refuse to take part in any other activities except studies, but now she takes part in other activities without any hesitation.

    Mr. Vimal Soni & Mrs. Anju Soni

    Mr. Vimal Soni & Mrs. Anju Soni

    Apart from studies, there was no complaint about Krish. Main reason for the weak progress in his studies was due to the lack of concentration. Due to the lack of concentration Krish was not able to give attention in his studies or extra – curricular activities. He started losing his self confidence due to continuous weak performance. I feel when Krish was really in need of help in above problems, we came to know about “Brainy” program. With the help of “Brainy” program there is increase in his concentration. With the improvement in his concentration he started getting good results along with his hard work. He has started gaining his lost self confidence. We wish all the children should attend the “Brainy” program. So that, the inner abilities within the children will be explored and can touch the peak of success.

    Mr. Prakash Karmokar & Mrs. Eti Karmokar

    Mr. Prakash Karmokar & Mrs. Eti Karmokar

Become an Enterpreneur By Becoming a

Brain Child Learning Franchisee

A Brain Child Learning FRANCHISE is your chance to run your own business at a low cost and high return on investment. With key support from the company along with a high degree of differentiation in the education industry, we can assure you a successful journey.We are into business of education; a sector having high reputation and which always had a spiralling growth rate and continues to do so. That is why we are confident that your investment will reap harvests.


The level of intelligence YOU are born with is only a starting point, and regardless of our genetic make-up, it is absolutely possible to get smarter, increase our IQ, and maybe even become Limitless.

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