Due to our ongoing research on neurosciences, and our proven techniques given a decade of successful students, we know so much more today than we did even a few years ago about the brain and how we can increase and develop our mental capacity. We know how to strengthen the neural connections that our brains use to focus to hold information in our minds to store and retrieve information. We now know of all the process that we need in order to learn, think effectively and to succeed in life.

We are no longer at the mercy of our genetics and we can understand, improve and expand our mental capacities with our programmes we offer at Brain Child Learning (BCL); my DNA and BRAINY

In virtually every area of our lives, we are able to improve our performance when we exercise those areas. So it is with the brain.

my DNA shows us that no two children are alike. we are born with different intelligences and different learning styles.

With BRAINY, crucial skills like attention, memory and thinking are enhanced with a sensory enhancement programme to enable children to process the sensory information they experience and eventually learn to evaluate, analyze, remember, make comparisons and understand cause and effect.

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