As a parent, you are the engineer of many of your child’s learning experiences. Intelligence is constructed as your children interact with you, and each other and what kind of learning programes they are engaged in. No matter how many activities you engage your child in, it doesn’t matter if your child does not remember them in the long run . Taking the time to chose the right programme for your child is much more important than sending him for a score of after school activities and gaining nothing from them . Our programs are thoroughly researched and deeply rooted in the knowledge that each child is unique; and we at BCL help you discover your child’s unique potential. We suggest you take the time to browse through each of our programme offerings and provide a well-balanced approach to engage your child’s many ways to be smart.

Focus is placed on developing the brain to retain knowledge and learning fundamental skills in the formative years. For many children, their school studies are not necessarily fun or exciting. Here at Brain Child we engage their curiosity and boost their confidence, which foster the building blocks for future academic success and make them more receptive to their learning at school .

Brain Child Learning Center has produced a whole new generation of students who have realized superior achievements. We are committed to your child’s continued growth by providing excellent and unparalleled brain enhancement learning programs for children and students of all ages since the last 15 years.

Students learn at their own pace with Brainchild which builds confidence and self-esteem. Students are transformed into active learners┬Ł as they discover their innate abilities and capabilities for lifelong success.

If you are a dedicated and committed parent geared towards creating a happy and successful learner , you have come to the right place. Together we will unleash the genius in your child!


In late 1990s, Brain Child Learning (BCL) emerged as the pioneers of Brain Development programmes and has become one of the finest institute of brain child development programs across the globe. In the year 2005, Brain Child Learning (BCL) became a Global franchisor with a strong presence in 11 countries like Malaysia, UK, Singapore, Indonesia, China, Thailand, India, Nepal, Taiwan, Australia & Brunei ,with a commitment of developing new learning methodology.

Brain Child Learning identifies child’s current intelligence and then nurtures them by scientifically developed brain development programs. During the course of its journey, Brain Child Learning acquired USA patent for dermatoglyphics technology. Our holistic approach is both scientific and effective as we use the most modern tools and advanced techniques that each child in this age of technology can relate to. Our parents are often astounded at finding the sea change in the amount that their children can achieve from morn to night without being exhausted or bored.


Xplore Knowledge Resources LLP., India partners with Brain Child Learning, Malaysia has over 15 years of experience in education field with around 325 Franchisees where more 1, 25,000 students have already gained knowledge under the brand name Aloha.

Xplore Knowledge Resources LLP. is a recipient of Zhusan Promoters Award for outstanding performance by the governor of Zhejiang province China in 2006. Xplore Academy is also the recipient of the Best Franchisors Award in 2008 & 2010.

Xplore Knowledge Resources LLP. students have been acknowledged by our former President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam during his Bhuj-Kutch visit in 2007. Former Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh and current Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi have both personally met and appreciated students talents. Our students have also presented their talent in a ZEE TV show, Shabash India. Our students on many occasions and with their unique talent for speed calculations have earned a place in the Limca Book of World Records. We are successful as we rely on scientific brain management techniques to unveil the infinite potential of the human brain and its effective use.

Brain Child Learning, Malaysia a Global leader together with their partner Xplore Knowledge Resources LLP. , India have trained a group of dynamic professionals, who have planted the very embryo of child development and human evolution with our philosophy of DISCOVER, DEVELOP AND DELIVER.


Right at the outset, we’d like to inform all our interested parents that we are NOT a tuition class! Our Brain Training programmes are not tutoring. The goal is not to help you or your child recall specific information about algebra, history, science or any other subject.

You would then ask….. What’s the point of sending my child to this class? How will he/she benefit?

Our Brainy course is about Brain training i.e making the brain stronger so you can learn more effectively, whatever you want or need to learn. It focuses on improving the basic skills of the Brain. These foundational skills include attention, memory, auditory and visual processing, logic and reasoning, and processing speed, creativity, visulisation etc.

Now your child can become smart enough to learn everything on his/her own and be smarter than other kids in class! So he won’t only become a person who scores high in class but a person who is truly successful in real world with his/her smartness.

What do most parents want?

Most parents want the best education for their children. Education that is not limited to classroom learning. Brain Child Learning (BCL) programmes transform children into lifelong learners.

Brainy transforms children into lifelong learners. We build confident students and active learners who can study better, can score higher and more importantly become better human beings.

Our programmes use insights we have gleaned about the brain from current neuroscience research. It pushes the brain to be actively engaged throughout the training.

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